How Wallbreakers is breaking down barriers for diverse talent through online training

Making an impact with online courses


As tech industry experts, Andrea Guendelman, Leah La Salla, and Isaac Saldana, saw a skill gap between recent college graduates and top employers' expectations of software development engineers. They also knew there have been historically missed opportunities getting highly skilled, diverse talent through the door. So, they did something about it.

As Wallbreakers continued to grow, the team quickly realized it needed an online education platform to manage more candidates and more specialized training programs. Through Thinkific Plus, Wallbreakers launched its online certification course and continues to increase cohort enrollments by the hundreds.


Leah La Salla, CTO, Wallbreakers 

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Wallbreakers brought on over 200 hours of training to help prepare software engineers from underrepresented backgrounds for the workforce.

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"From our customers’ standpoint, we are producing candidates that are more likely to perform. The Thinkific Plus platform forms the groundwork for what we are trying to achieve and truly allows us to move the needle for our customers and candidates, and as a business.”