How MyTutor used online courses to improve tutor quality and reduce churn

Customer success with online courses


MyTutor is a fast-growing online tuition organization based in the UK, with a mission to offer life-changing tuition for all. Through their online network of high-quality tutors, pupils from all walks of life are provided consistent and tailored lessons, regardless of their location. In an effort to standardize tutor quality and increase retention, MyTutor created an online training academy using Thinkific Plus.  

Frederika Ofong, 
Tutor Quality Coordinator, MyTutor

Learn how to build a top-performing onboarding process with online courses.

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MyTutor had an idea: what if we tried an online course?

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“We made schools aware of our new tutor training academy because we guarantee to ensure our tutors will be trained to a certain standard. We received feedback from some of our school customers indicating they’ve noticed an improvement with quality, which is a win for everyone involved.”