How Thinkific helped Hootsuite support 450,000+ students

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How building an Academy for their 16 million+ users helped Hootsuite reduce customer anxiety, increase retention, and make a lasting impact.

Hootsuite initially created their Academy for product training, but soon expanded it in order to educate anyone who wanted to learn about social media. This drive to help millions succeed led to Hootsuite Academy's integration into 800 universities, and certification of over 72,000 students.

Since then, Hootsuite Academy has become Hootsuite's most powerful tool to nurture customers at every stage of their journey. Education has also helped them increase retention, reduce churn, and grow their brand advocacy.

In this case study, you’ll learn:

How online education increases the success of both brand new and existing customers

Why every team at Hootsuite, from sales to product to marketing, uses Hootsuite Academy resources

How to build education into every stage of the customer journey to increase retention

Hootsuite’s experience building online courses with Thinkific

Advice for other SaaS companies looking to add education to their business

Thinkific offers the power and flexibility to help us achieve the business goals that we want. If we had started using Thinkific 1 or 2 years previously, I think we would have gotten to where we’re at now much faster.”

Ryan Chynces, Online Education Manager, Hootsuite

"Education is how we ensure our users are successful, and that’s how they become loyal Hootsuite customers."

Get advice straight from Hootsuite experts on how to increase the success of your customers with online training.

"I wish we would have used Thinkific earlier.